I Buy the Princess a Bed for her Birthday, and she Won't Sleep

Wouldn't you want to sleep in this very serene bed?  My soon-to-be 3-year old has a better bedroom than mommy and daddy (and baby sister).  The bed was unveiled last night.  Her first reaction was to start jumping on it, screaming up and down.  We thought - SCORE! She loves it. 

We did bath time, then stories, and for some reason, older child requested that Daddy read her stories for her first night in the Big Girl Bed (this pretty much never happens).  I usually read with her in her room alone, cuddle and then put her in the crib.  So Daddy taking over really threw me because I was supposed to be apart of this very special night.  Little did I know - I would very much be apart of the night.

So my husband reads her stories, and puts her new night light on (she's never had one until now).  He tells her if she gets scared to come get us.

My husband comes downstairs where I'm watching TV.  I'm silently freaking out - on the verge of tears that my 3-year old "baby" is all alone in her big bed.  She's got free range to do whatever she wants.  Open the window and jump out, walk down the hallway and possibly fall down the stairs in the dark, open her sister's door and wake her up, come into my room whenever she wants, hide in her closet, play dollhouse while she's supposed to be sleeping - the list is endless.

After an hour I go upstairs to check on her.  She's wide awake in her bed, just sitting there.  She hasn't slept a wink.  She said she was waiting for mommy or daddy.  So I grab my pillow and plan on sleeping a few hours in her new bed.  Well, I got hit with hands, elbows and kicked all night long.  My older child does 360's all night long.  I got maybe 6 hours of sleep in 30 minute interrupted intervals. 

18-month old darling decided to scream her head off at 6 a.m.  I had to go into her room - hold her, cuddle her, and put her back in the crib - which lead to more screaming.  That's when I employ the Cry It Out Method.  Thirty minutes later, everyone is back asleep. 

The first to wake up at 8:30 a.m. is the older one.  As I blissfully doze in and out of sleep for 20 minutes - she sits in her room. I finally go get her - and she hasn't left her bed.  It was like she was scared of the freedom to get out of bed.  Which makes me happy.  Then she says, "Mommy you broke my crib into so many pieces, why did you break it?  Can it be put back together again?"

Night 2 of Big Girl Bed went fine. Stories, cuddle time, and she sleeps. Ahhhh.  It's all good, til my husband whoops up a racket with his symphony snoring fest (which makes me want to suffocate him).  I wake up, and walk right into my daughter's big girl bed.  She wakes up and tells me she just fell off the bed.  I'm like, "Oh...are you okay?  What did you hit?"  I  totally thought I'd hear a big thump when it happened!

She did fall into a cloud of pillows lining the floor in the exact spot I thought she'd fall.  She's like, "yeah, I'm fine, I'm not scared." And immediately she went back to sleep.  In the end, if she doesn't like the big girl bed, mommy does.  It might become my new bed if my hubby can't get his nasal cavity under control.

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