Family Fun Night...turned Nightmare

I imposed family fun night last night.  Not because my family needs to spend more quality time with each other ( we get a lot of that - trust me).  I was on muscle relaxers from a pinched nerve, sore and just plain groggy.  My husband was suffering from a back muscle spasm.  You'd think we're 80 freakin' years old!

Anyways - let's just call it what it is - my husband and I were wanting to be laaaazzy.

So we told the kids we were going to do pizza night, get ice cream sundae stuff from the store and come home to watch a movie together.

Pizza went well, little one housed a medium spicy chicken wing for a the first time and freaked out.  She also nearly choked on a huge piece of pizza.  Then off to the grocery store for ice cream.

We got home and popped in Disney's "Tinkerbell."  We all snuggled up under blankets, everyone was carbed-up and happy.  Little one came and cuddled with me for most of the movie, which I love.  And big girl shed a few tears at a sad part in the movie.  Adorable. 

Then it was ice cream sundae time.  I was going to do the whole build-your-own -ice cream-sundae time in the middle of the movie, to avoid the before bed sugar high.  But everyone was so calm during the movie, blissful actually.  I didn't want to mess up the chi.

What an idiot I am.

We sit down, make our sundaes - little one has chocolate syrup all over her face.  Bigger one has sticky fingers.  Everyone is eating crunchy sprinkles (leftover from Christmas cookies).  Life is good.

Until we're done.

The 3-year old starts blowing raspberries like a baby and putting her fingers in her ears, while running around the house like a lunatic.  Little one is running around shaking her head.  They're climbing on the coffee table and on the couch.  They're jumping on the couch.  And it's all I can do but laugh for 30 seconds, and then mouth to my husband, what they fuck??

My 3-year old really starts jumping, and we tell her to stop, "You're going to get hurt."  And then as if I can tell the future like a damn gypsy mama - my 3-year old falls off the couch, hits her back on coffee table and lands head first on the floor.  Shrieks and cries ensue.  Then the little one cries - for no damn reason.  Freak show - I'm looking at a freak show.

Side note- any parent that feeds their kids sugar on the regular - you're all idiots.  You wonder why your kid(s) acts a fool and can't sleep - maybe it was the Sprite you gave them? Sugar is literally kid crack.

So then I really let the 3-year old have it - I yell  to her, "We were having a nice fun family night, and now you've ruined it!"

Not exactly a shining moment for me.  I've been known to hurt many feelings with my words.

And as soon as those words were out of my mouth I wanted to hug her.  But I didn't.  I didn't want her to get mixed messages.  I was mad that family fun night, turned into a family fucking nightmare.  I shouldn't have said that to her.  It was my fault for giving my kids ice cream sundaes at 8:00PM right before bed.  Shame on mommy.

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