You still learn EVERYTHING about life - on the Playground

It was one of those perfect, pre-spring days in the Carolinas.  Mid-50's, hot sun, calm breeze, birds chirping.  A perfect day for the park.

After little one's doctor's appointment, we headed out to the park. Noonish. I thought that meant nap time for everyone else's kids.

That part is true - but I forgot bigger kids from a nearby elementary school also have recess on this playground during school days.

The hour we're there starts off with the girls going down this enormous slide, over and over and over again.  So proud of little one - she got up there with zero hesitation.  She's my fearless one.

After about the 20th time down the slide - older one (3 years old now), spots a group of older kids charging for the playground.  She's eyeing them.  The kids run to the playground, and immediately decide they'd rather play up on a hill close by.

So my 3-year old slides down one more time - and points to the hill, and says, "Mommy, can I go play over there?... With the kids?"

What am I going to say?  No?  Yeah right, I can't let her down.  So I let her go.  The bigger kids are playing hide and go seek (or some similar chasing game that I have no idea what they call these days).  All she's really doing is chasing them around.  I think for a long time - they were completely oblivious to her presence. 

And then it starts.  I hear, "The little girl is trying to play!" "Who does the little girl belong to!?"

Eh-hem, you little twerp (yes, it's a boy screaming this  - oh...don't act like you're surprised)....the little girl belongs to me.  But I don't say it out loud.  I just try to let this play out with as little interference as possible.

I continue to let my little girl chase the big kids around.  The older girls are being nice enough - telling the boys when she climbs up the slide to "be careful of the little girl."  There's one older girl, clearly socially banished, that plays with my daughter and talks to her.  Like actually talks to her, as if they are on the same level. 

As this chasing drags on, it gets to the point where my daughter will chase the boys up the hill (lagging behind pretty good) - and once she gets within a foot of them - they bolt in another direction.  My kid just stops, breathless, looks at them go, and has this face of defeat.  All alone, on this hill.  I feel bad for her.  She knows they don't want to play with her.  She can feel it.  But again, I do NOT interfere.

She runs down the hill and tells me she has to go potty.  So I grab little one (kicking and screaming because she wanted to play) up another hill to the bathroom.  Older one goes pee then poo, then is ready for more play time. 

So older one runs down the hill to where the boys are sitting and tells them, "I'm back, I just had to go poop."

One of the boys says, "What did she just say?"

And my daughter, sensing she said something wrong, replies, "I'm back, I just went to the potty."

And all of the boys just look at her, completely at lost for words, and migrate to the slides.

The whole park day is commenced with little one falling off a slide - about 2 and a half feet to the ground.  She SCREAMS.  I calm her down with snacks and we take off.

We get home - put little one down for a nap.  And I try to talk to my older daughter.

I'm like, so, "Did you have fun with the kids at the park today?"

She says, "Yeah, but they didn't want to play with me.  Maybe one day, when I get bigger, they'll want to play with me.  Do you think I'll get bigger?"

I nod my head, "Yes, you'll get bigger.  But don't you like to play with kids that look like you? That are smaller?"
And I name off her BFF and friends at pre-school.

She says, "No."

And about 10 seconds later, "Yes, I do like to play with my friends..." so and so and so and so.

All is not lost. 

So what did my daughter learn on the playground? Being older is cooler (which she will believe until she is 25-years old).  Boys are little fucking assholes.  I don't have boys.  I don't know how anyone is supposed to raise a boy to not become a little fucking asshole.  But there's got to be a way.  It's like - once they hit 6 years old - they're little fucking assholes.  And she learned a big lesson - it's not socially acceptable to proclaim to the world that you just took a dump. 

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