No Need to Bleed

The need to bleed is gone from me,
Mother Nature, please just let me be.

I have no reason to bleed,
I no longer want to breed.

I don't want anymore mouths to feed,
please, gawd, no more bleed!

It's true, when you bleed,
you get the seed,
and all you need,
is a mate to do the deed.

And when you don't bleed,
after the deed,
And you peed
Then you read,
the stick that says, take heed!
You are knocked up, indeed.

Now I want to bleed!
It is time to be freed!

In life, it's time for me to take the lead,
I need a career now, I decree!

The sweat is forming in a bead
So badly, I am in need of a bleed.
or, maybe just some good weed.

Ahhhh, in 2 days, it fleed, (whatever it's a poem I can use bad grammar if I want to)
I peed, and there was the bleed.


So, you see,
Mother Nature,
I beg of thee
I no longer need to bleed.
The need to bleed is gone from me.

An ode to all the muthas that are still getting their periods - and miserable because of it - that don't need to anymore - because they're done having children.

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