10 Reasons why Being a Mom in my Twenties is Awesome

I tend to complain a lot about what having children young has robbed me of: potential income, my tenure track and my youthful body.

While I was knee-deep in baby poop and formula – my friends were knee-deep in their careers, climbing the success ladders.

While I was at those dreadful mommy and me classes, my friends were taking extra education classes.

While I was on playdates, my friends were on playdates – WITH ADULTS ONLY.  And alcohol.

While I was surviving on 3 hours of sleep, my friends were sleeping in ‘til 11AM on Sundays and going to brunch.

As I approach my 30th birthday, I realize how awesome it’s been to be a mom in my twenties.

Here’s my top 10 reasons why being a twenty-something mother is great.

1. I’m always the youngest mom at school functions. Orientation, bake sales, concerts, you name it, I’m the youngin’.  P.S. I’m also the youngest mom at playdates.

2. I was a child not too long ago, I can empathize with child-like emotions.  (I may or may not still throw temper tantrums when I don’t get my way).

3. I won’t be retiring, buying my kid’s first car, and paying for college all at the same time.

4. There’s a chance my kids will want to snatch my clothes out of my closet (if I still dress as cool as I do now).  Because I have girls, this thrills me!  Every mom loves a mini me.

5. There’s a big chance we won’t have a female hormonal explosion in my house.  By this, I mean, I won’t be going through menopause while my girls are getting their pubescent periods.

6. Their guy friends in high school might think I’m hot.  And I’m totally okay with that – because I need an ego boost any way I can get it.

7. My kids, might dare I say, think I’m cool and actually want to hang out with me when they’re teenagers. This one is far-fetched I know.  But, it’s definitely possible.

8. My kids will feel that they can open up to me more about their issues.  I think it’s harder for kids to open up to older parents because they feel there is a huge disconnect.

9. Assuming all parties are healthy, my kids will get to spend more time with me on this earth.  And with their grandparents.

10. Remember those friends that enjoyed kid-free, care-free lives while I was dying from sleep deprivation?  They’ll be calling me to complain about diapers, teething, soccer practices and school in about 10 years.  And I’ll be sitting in my quiet house, phone in one hand, wine in the other, with a smile on my face.

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