Shouldn't companies be making it easier to have children, rather than delay it? The Corporate Egg Freezing Frenzy

I would like to applaud Facebook and Apple for offering Egg Freezing to their female employees.  In an effort to compete for top talented women - the tech companies are the first ever to offer to pay for the procedure.

This is huge because, a) talented, college educated women are dropping out of the workforce in droves - feeling they have to choose between family and career. b) more women are waiting to have children knowing that if they have kids during their career climbing years (usually their 20's) - they could be thrown off the tenure track, c) certain medical conditions or cancers can cause infertility in women- and it's nice to have the option if gawd forbid a woman should fall ill for a period of time d) the costs of freezing your eggs are insane.

About $10,000 to go through the egg freezing cycle.  This includes testing, monitoring, etc.  Storage of the eggs will run you about $500/year.  Then if you wanna thaw those suckers - $5,000 to get crackin'.

So what's my issue with this whole thing?  Cuz you know I'm going to get all acerbic about this topic.

My first issue is- I hope the women that decide to freeze their eggs are well informed.  Even if you freeze your eggs - there are no gaurantees that it will actually work when you are ready to have a baby.  Egg freezing can be compared to your insurance policies, it's good to have, but when it's time to use it- it might not come through for you the way you expect or want it to.  There are factors to consider - YOUR body, the sperm of your future partner or donor, the success rate of IVF, etc.  Just because you freeze your eggs doesn't mean you're gonna have a baby.

Beyond these medical considerations - there are the emotional considerations.  Will you have a life partner or husband when you feel ready to thaw your eggs and have a baby?  Will you want to possibly raise a baby on your own?  Will you be okay with the hormones you have to pump in you before the egg freezing frenzy begins?

Now - because I'm an ungrateful, bitter bitch about this whole thing - FUCK YOU VERY MUCH FOR FREEZING MY EGGS FOR ME, FOR FREE!!

By this I mean, shouldn't companies start supporting families/parents instead of encouraging women to put off family?

I didn't grow up in some 1950's household - I was encouraged to get an education and get a good job.  I literally stumbled upon married life - and parenting in my young twenties.  I tell you all of the time, dear reader - I'm still jilted.  But now that I'm here, in parenthood, I see the huge shortfalls in our society when it comes to supporting American families.

The thinking of corporate America is ass-backwards.  Society and corporations think the solution to keeping women in the workforce - is to offer them free egg freezing?!  We're encouraging women to wait to have children?! This is the dumbest fucking shit I've ever heard - because it's like - has no one heard of a biological clock?  As women's bodies age - our fertility decreases, our ability to carry a pregnancy to term without complications decreases, and the chances of having a baby with birth defects rises.  Egg freezing does not totally solve these problems.  So why, in gawd's creation would you purposely put off pregnancy?  I know why, because that was my plan.  That was my career plan - OPERATION- DON'T GET PREGNANT. Only my plan to put off having a baby, wasn't hatched.  A baby (or 2) was instead.

As disgusting as you may think this is - women's bodies are perfectly ripe for pregnancy from age 16ish to 30ish.  I agree, it probably wouldn't be awesome to get knocked up at 16.  Teen mothers have it really fucking hard.  So there you go - your window just got shorter by 4 years.  That's your window for optimal pregnancy and child bearing 20-30 years old.

So INSTEAD OF ...supporting women's (and men's) decision to have children when they're ready (biologically, emotionally and financially), and creating the most family friendly work environment possible with daycare and flexibility perks - these companies are offering fertility perks.

It's such a sign that our priorities when it comes to supporting American families are fucked up.  Maybe companies should take a lesson from Google.  They offer paid maternity leave for 18 weeks (plus paternity leave), they offer baby bucks (money to offset costs of diapers and formula for new parents), onsite FREE daycare, and a slew of other family-oriented benefits and perks.

If companies really valued a woman - they'd make it easier for her to actually have kids, not easier for her to delay it.

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