Being Pregnant is Like Getting Punched over and over and over

Former UPS worker Peggy Young's case at high court as I write.  Here's the background if you need it.  I'll give you a very abbreviated version.

She was pregnant, asked her UPS supervisor for light duty, and was DEEEE-nied. Young was then forced to take UNPAID leave. UNPAID folks. Of course, UPS would hold her position, but why the fuck would she want to go back to that crappy company?

Peggy Young lost her health benefits, her pension and her fucking PAY while pregnant.  The time she needed all of those things the most - she lost them.

Why are we treating pregnant women this way? Why are we treating American families this way?

Companies all across America do this.  This is not just UPS, and their piss poor policy.  It's all over.

Pregnant women and new moms that ask for an adjustment at work (flexible hours, work at home schedules, light duty, etc.) are shut out from their careers - and are told the company's policies don't support that as a "disability", so requests like this aren't granted.  And these women leave their jobs.

Well, no shit it's not a disability. Being a grower of life is an amazing AAAAA-BILITY.  Your body has to be strong, healthy and fucking made of steel to hold a baby.  Being pregnant is not for the faint of heart.  Of course, there is the usual, (and yes, this is a tangent, I don't care), where was I? Yes, the usual heart burn, morning sickness and swelling.  But, if I may paint a more graphic picture of pregnancy for you.

There is a human being llliiiiittterrrrrallllyyyyyeee sucking the life out of your own body for an average of 9 months.  The baby's tubes are connected to your tubes.  Your blood, your oxygen, your organs, EVERYTHING.  It's fucking hard.  And women work full time jobs, fly around the world, take care of their other children, all WHILE GETTING THE LIFE SUCKED OUT OF THEM.

So why in the world would we get the same treatment as men in the workplace?!  We should be getting treated waayyyyyy better!!!!

You want to help American families raise the great next generation? Treat the mothers like gold.  It is proven that mothers are their children's biggest advocates (I understand there are exceptions to this). But studies show, mothers advocate for their kid's health, their education and spend more money on their kids than fathers do. We need to stop saying that motherhood is the most valuable job in the world, and ACTUALLY START VALUING IT.  It's lip service.  It's bullshit.

Back to Peggy Young.  Her midwife told her she should not be lifting more than 20 pounds.  On an average day Peggy would lift 70 pound packages.  When she went to her supervisor, requesting light duty - I wonder, did this supervisor ever know someone who was pregnant?  Seventy pounds is a lot.  Seventy pounds could really injure a pregnant woman.  A pregnant woman who is already carrying extra pounds from the weight of a HUMAN BEING inside her.

Not to mention, this supervisor - apparently has no ethics. No morals.  No empathy.  Screw the supposed shit policy UPS had in place.  Throw out the policy bullshit for just one second, and think of the pregnant woman in front of you. Human to human. No corporate crap between you.  Even if the supervisor couldn't grant the request because of bureaucratic bullshit within UPS - don't you think the supervisor should have at least tried?  Tried to advocate for the staff they supposedly care about? If they valued their staff, and Peggy Young, they would've made arrangements and accommodated Peggy Young's request.

Imagine how Peggy Young must've felt asking in the first place.  It's nerve-wrecking.  It's hard.  Then to be punched while she was down - horrifying.  I don't even know if I'm adequately expressing how disgusting I think this is.

And pregnant women get punched everyday.  It's nothing new.  They get punched by the doctors and health care system supposedly there to take care of them and their babies.  Getting bullied into unnecessary tests, inducements and c-sections.  They get punched at their jobs - thrown off the tenure track and not accommodated.  They get punched by society.  The pregnant woman is considered lazy or unable to do anything meaningful when she's pregnant because she has too many hormones, has "mommy brain" and sits in bed eating pickles and ice cream. We need to stop thinking that getting or being pregnant is a choice.  It's not a choice.  It's a way of human life.

If we start treating pregnant women and mothers with the respect and value that they deserve, you will see a shift in our society.  Future American generations will become smarter, healthier and overall more successful,  if we take care of our mothers and children.

No one should have to choose between their health and their jobs.

This is for our daughters.

I #StandWithPeggy.

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