To The Mom Who Brought Her Kids to the Hair Salon

Dear mom who brought her kids to the hair salon,

I see you with your blonde hi-lites, talking to the hair stylist in the big mirror.  You've got some root showing.  So it's probably time for a re-touch.  You're explaining to your colorist what you want.  You're running your fingers through your hair, pointing out certain areas on the sides of your head.  No doubt, the grey has started to come in.  You're telling your stylist what you think might look good, what you saw in a magazine (that you forgot to bring cuz you have a bazillion things on your to-do list today).  You're telling her what you think will make you feel beautiful again.  You don't want to look in your bathroom mirror anymore, lift up a section of hair, and proclaim "Ugggggckkkk" to the face in the mirror.

Your two kids are with you.  Maybe one is toddler age.  The other one a bit older, maybe 7 or 8-years old.  They're sitting next to you in two swively, salon leather chairs.  They've just realized, that the chairs swivel.  They're spinning and turning, all while you're trying to get a thought out to your stylist.  You're giving them the side eye, while you try to stay focused.  You are so desperately trying to have eye contact with your stylist.  But, it's hard.

Once the color is decided on, your stylist leaves you to mix up the color.

You turn to your girls, probably telling them to not spin on the chair (because they abruptly stop).  And you hand the little one a coloring book, and the older one her tablet.  This settles them a bit.  The constant movement stops.

It's 7:00PM.  Past dinnertime I imagine.  And getting close to the ritualistic bedtime routine.  My husband is probably helping my own kids into the bath right now. Thank fucking gggaawwddd.

I'm getting my hair washed.  Watching you.  You catch me looking at you.  I flash a smile, so you know, I get it.  Can you see the scarlet "M" on my chest?  I'm one of you!  I'm a mom!! I hope you know I'm not judging you - even though it looks like I am.  It's exactly the opposite.  I'm admiring you.  I'm thinking you're great.  And brave.

You probably suffered through enough snarky, judgey eyes the minute you walked into those salon doors with your two kids in tow.  I bet other moms in here are thinking how dare she bring in her kids to mess up my salon experience! I'm tryyyiiinnnggg to relax.

Fuck 'em.  You know what's not relaxing?  Listening to someone else's cell phone conversation while you're getting pampered.  Thaaaattt's fucking annoying.

It's probably not your dream, to get your hair done, with your kids.  Maybe you didn't have any other time to do it?  Maybe you couldn't line up childcare? Maybe the babysitter cancelled last minute?  Maybe you're a single mom?  Maybe you don't give a fuck, and think it's perfectly okay to bring your kids with you to get your hair colored?

Whatever it is - I get it.  Why should you skip getting your hair done, by a high-end salon, just because you have children in tow?   You shouldn't.  I don't even think I would've cared if you're kids were running all over the salon.  I can block out obnoxious kids.  It's my super talent at home with my own kids.  Kids are antsy.  Babies cry.  If a fellow patron doesn't like it- they should start going to a salon that has a NO KID policy.  Or to a spa - where you get individual rooms.

In the past, I've cancelled hair appointments because my husband was running late from work - not being able to relieve me of children.  It was awful.  I screwed myself with ugly hair.  And I screwed the stylist by cancelling.  I should've just giddy-upped and brought my kids with me.  No shame in my mom game.

So, mom who brought her kid in the hair salon.  You've inspired me.  Next time, I really need a hair cut to feel human again.  Or hair color before a big meeting.  Or a wax before a nice vacation.  Next time I feel I can't lean on anyone else to help me out with my kids.  I'm bringin' them.


The mom that was staring at you.

PS - let's start a salon that has a childcare room.

I need to hear your thoughts mamas AND childfree women!  Should moms bring their kids to hair salons and nail salons?  Do you think it's okay?  Do you despise moms that do this?

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