Take Your Kid to Work Day - Wait, It's Supposed to be Fun?

Can I get a woot-woot for moms that work from home?!

Woot Woot!

Can I get a woot-woot for moms who sometimes get stuck working from home - while their kids are home too?!


Right, that's why I'm writing this blog post today.  Because I didn't take my kids to work with me today.  I already know how thooooossseee days go - the ones where I have to mix professional productivity with parenting.  They don't go well.

Sick kids, Spring break, Winter break, Teacher Work Days, Columbus Day, snow days and the like - force me and my kids to be home at the exact same time during WORKING HOURS. These days are not breaks.  They're not holidays.  They're hideous.

I can't think of a more heinous way to spend my day.

I know I'll be interrupted five million times while trying to get a single sentence out.  I know I'll have to lock myself in a closet in order to get quiet during a conference call.  I know the TV will babysit my kids for hhhooouurrrrsssss on end.

I dread these days if I see them approaching on the calendar.

So why the fuck is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day still a thing?  Don't some of us work to escape the insanity that is our kids?  We work to get away.

Okay, okay, kids could learn about different careers.   It's educational.  Right, that's the thinking behind this?

The celebration (if you can even call it that) was created in New York in the summer of 1992.  I can attest to this - I was a kid, in New York, in the summer of 1992.  Me and my sister went to work with my mom.  I wouldn't exactly classify the day as a celebration.

The day was originally founded by the Ms. Foundation for Women, with support from Gloria Steinem.

The non-profit group promoted the program as a way to show girls career options, as it was believed that many women have been shut out of the workplace.

The day was eventually expanded to include boys in 2003 (even though several companies included boys anyway).

I've participated in many Take Our Daughters to Work Days - as a daughter.  My mom would introduce us to everyone and we'd have to fake smile and be polite little girls.  I'd have to display my best manners.  We were instructed to dress up in pseudo-office attire, aka our Sunday Best.  Then I'd sit on a chair next to her desk - reading a book or something, while she typed away at the computer.  (I imagine she was trying salvage at least part of a productive work day).  I was bored!  But, alas, I was out of school - so did I complain? No.

That was 20 years ago.

In a modern work day - this just doesn't fly.  Everyone who works is racing against the clock.  Our productivity is paramount.  The internet and the influx of information and globalization has made it so we barely come up for air.  The constant e-mails alone....ugh - they distract us every five seconds. My kids would be bored to tears - no matter what I did.  All jobs involve copious amounts of electronic communication.  If my kids came to work with me - half of the day would be spent looking on my smart phone - just answering e-mails.  How educational is that?  How do I explain that in an entertaining way?

Furthermore, how do moms that don't work for a paycheck, celebrate this day?  Do they just tell their kids - go with dad, he really works?  Which is a load of bologna.  Or do parents not working for a paycheck - keep the kids home and make them run errands all day?  How annoying.  Dreadful, really.

Chances are, whatever you do for a living - your kids will probably think it's pretty lame.  Just because you are their parents.  Except maybe if you were an astronaut, and your space mission just happened to land on Take Your Kids to Work Day.  Yes, now that I can see as an educational, occupationally-entertaining experience.

I don't think the program is effective in introducing career paths to our kids.  Something better would be, having students pick an occupation they are interested in - and shadowing a person in that occupation.  THAT creates career path passion.

In the meantime parents, condolences to your sanity today as you try to juggle work with your kids....whatever work you do.

Do you work?  Are you taking your kid to work with you?

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