Summer is Killing my Solitude: 16 Things Introvert Moms Think About

Summer drains me like a plastic blow up pool.  The constant contact with my kids during the sunny season, makes my soul gloomy and stormy.  And we're only on week two of summer vacation.

Touching, talking, looking – tire me out.  The daily human interaction and societal stimuli wears me down to shredded threads.

The only thing that re-charges and re-energizes me is pure solitude.  Anything that can be done completely alone - sleep, read, work, exercise, etc. reinvigorates this suffocating soul.  My oxygen comes in the form of gulping down silence.

It sounds like summer break with kids at my side for several days on end, would be my worst nightmare.   A damn near, obliteration of productive and happy self.

Well, pretty close.

I am a self-proclaimed introvert.  Since self-proclaiming my personality status – I’ve been able to cope better. I’ve found “outs.”  I’ve sought out solitude.  I’ve demanded detachment.  And it’s worked.

I’m a happier, more vibrant person because of it.

As summer looms, and I start countin’ my private time like I’m countin’ precious pennies – I made a list my fellow “innie” mamas can totally relate to.

16 Things Introvert Moms Think About

1. Four hours isn’t enough time alone, more like 4 days

2. If I get groped or pawed at by another little human being I will go postal.

3. “Quiet Time” isn’t just for kids, it’s for adults too.

4. When my kids and I go to the park – it’s not a social event.  Unless, I invite you.  I am intently staring at my phone or my newspaper.  I brought both, so I don’t have to talk to anyone.

5. I’ll give you two hours at a community festival or “family-fun” event, that’s all I got.

6. Reading recharges me.  It’s the only way I can fall asleep at night.  Books are my Ambien.

7. If someone tells me to “go fuck myself”, I’ll take it as a reminder that I haven’t masturbated today.  After all, sex with yourself in solitude is absolutely splendid.

8. Hair appointments, solo-trips to Target and going to the gym is NOT considered “me time.”  It’s considered maintenance.  “Me time” is shipping me off to the North Pole for a week.

9. Small talk during pampering makes me feel stabby.  Got it sistas at the spa?

10. One close friend is all I want.  Preferably, one without children.

11. I won’t play with my children all day.  I will turn them down.  I will reject them.  Because I don’t have the bandwidth for that type of engagement.  I’m not a selfish parent.  I just know, and honor my boundaries.

12. Activities in nature - soothe and soften my soul.  Even if it’s with my children.  Hiking, biking, building sand castles, whatever.  Mother Nature nurtures my senses.  Outside time equals OOOooooooOOOMMmmmmmMMMmm for this introvert.  Just don’t invite anyone to go with us, otherwise, all that fresh air – will get sucked right out of me.

13. Mommy and Me yoga sounds torturous.  And counter-productive.  Now, downward facing dog all by my damn self, that sounds delicious.

14. I will never be on the PTA.  Next year, my kid will be in kindergarten at a public school - so I wanna make this very clear.  I won’t help with bake sales, classroom parties or any of the like.  I’m not a bad parent.  Please don’t give me side-eye when I drop my kid off at school.  If you insist I be “involved” - hand me a project that requires minimal human contact.

15. Kiddie tunes are mostly banned in my car.  Driving my children to school, extracurricular activities and playdates is enough sacrifice.  I refuse to renounce good radio, 90’s hip hop jams and NPR.  Non-negotiable.  Good music can dull all madness.

16. Wine is wonderful.  It helps me get out of my head.  Who am I kidding, I don’t discriminate, all booze helps me be less brainy.

Are you an introvert mom?  How do you carve out solitude for yourself with kids around?

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