Can we Stop with the 100% Attendance, ahem, I mean "Immunity Awards"?

Attendance awards are nothing new under the sun.

I was a proud recipient of them in elementary school.  When the school principal called my name to receive one - I got beet red, but marched proudly up to snag this silly gold star of sorts.

I was glowing with foolish pride.

I just got an award for having the best damn immunity in the class! HOORAY!  Because, that's essentially what these "attendance awards" are - they're immunity awards.

Gawd help anyone with weakened immune systems.

Oh for example, like my daughter.  Quick back story - she was born at 4 pounds, 11 ounces full-term. She has had asthma since birth - and episodes of complications.

When a virus attacks her body - it plows.

On the third day of Kindergarten, KINDERGARTEN (big deal!!!) last week, she had to stay home.  Because she was sick.  Oh the horror!  I was like, really, third day of school, sick????

There was nothing we could do about it.  We can't control germs.

So our dreams of snagging the 100% Attendance Award were shot down and smashed (yeah right, like I actually mentioned that asinine award to her in the first place).

My daughter couldn't go to school because she couldn't breathe, her cough sounded like a barking seal and her nose ran like a faucet.  She couldn't go to school because quarantining my child at home that has an infectious, contagious virus IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Let me repeat for parents that let their sick kids go to school to infect mine and many others.

Keeping your sick kid away from school IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

I'm gonna go ahead and tell you what I think of you now -

First, you're a fucking selfish asshole.  And you're dumb fuck.

The end.

Okay, for real.  How would you like it if I let my kid who may be exhibiting symptoms of a fever, chills, cough, etc. go to school - and it turns out, to be, gawd forbid, Ebola?  Yeah, bet you'd be pissed I let my kid go to school.

Alright, alright that was a bit extreme.

Try this real life anecdote on for size - maybe, you can't take anymore time off work.  Maybe you've used up all of your sick days already.  Maybe, you don't have sick days to begin with.

Either way -

Say, hypothetically, my kid gets your kid sick.  Then you have to take a day (UNPAID) from your job to take care of your kid. I bet you'd be pretty peeved.

Seriously, can we all just boycott attendance awards?  Like, right now.

Parents don't need anymore pressures, and our kids don't either.

We don't need to feel pressured to drag our snot-nosed, fevered, miserable, sick kids to school all because - THEY WON'T GET THE ATTENDANCE AWARD.  OH MY GAWD.

It's nonsense.

Why are we giving awards away for immunity and participation, when it's productivity that matters?
It's never enough to just show up to anything.  It truly matters about the effort you give and the work you do while you are there.

Can you imagine an adult getting an attendance award at work - but like, they have the lowest productivity?

Or the kid that gets the 100% Attendance Award flunks 5th grade and we're all supposed to keep clapping for this nonsense?
I think not.  I'll be booing from the back.  Loudly.

Don't get it twisted, I support the idea that we should be encouraging attendance, and discouraging truancy.  I get it.  But, this program sucks.  Worse - it doesn't even work.

The attendance schemes penalize the kids who get sick, and stigmatize any children that may have underlying medical conditions.

So I'd like to ask the Attendance Award to stay home from school now.  Because it's sick.

How do you feel about the attendance award scheme?  Are you a teacher with any opinions on this?

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