Why I'm Not Establishing a Sleep Schedule for my Kids a Week Before School

Right now I’m supposed to be inching back my kids' bedtimes, earlier and earlier every day.
I’m supposed to be using that thing called an alarm clock to wake them up.

For real though, where did I put that thing?  I think I saw it two months ago stuffed under magazines in my nightstand.

An end of summer sleep schedule is supposed to be established.  Note to self- have family meeting about the importance of sleep during the school year.

Routine.  I gotta ramp up a routine.

I’m not doing it.  I’m not doing any of it.

I was going to.

Really, I was.

But, do you know what I’d be missing if I did?

It means, we’d miss the fireflies coming out at night.  The sacred time that is just after the sun goes down, where the sky paints the air around us a hazy bluish-grey color.  It’s not yet completely dark.  The kids can still see.  The flickers of light start flying in the sky, and my kids eagerly grab their jars to catch the fireflies.

Ice cream runs.  The sweet, cold creamy goodness (with rainbow sprinkles, gummy bears, one pink cookie and hot fudge) would be a distant memory.  We wouldn’t want the kids to be too sugared up before bed.

Sunset walks as a family, calling out all of the colors we see in the sky.

Stargazing.  No more pointing out the arrow and the archer constellations.

Writing our names in the air with sparklers.  We can go through 3 packages in 15 minutes.  But, it’s the most magical 15 minutes.

We’d miss waking up to sun spilling on our faces and the songs of birds.

Waking up to birds is better than waking up to BEEEEP. BEEEEEEP. BEEEEEEEEEP!

We’d miss our smiley faces upon waking up.  My kids and I aren’t exactly morning people.  We look like we will stab the next person that talks to us.

Slowly sipping on green tea in the morning.  I prefer easing my way into energy.  If I have to wake up earlier, I’ll be gulping down gallons of coffee and be a jittery, one woman freak show by 7AM.

There’d be no more morning naps.  The kind where my girls pile into my big, four poster bed, and we cuddle against the soft sheets. And in the middle of cuddling, we fall asleep again with the morning sun hitting our faces through the window slats.

I want to savor these lazy summer mornings for as long as I can.  I’ll be the bad parent that didn’t prepare my kid adequately for school wake up time.  Because, let’s be real.  The kids will get used to it.  They’re highly adaptable. 

There will be enough frazzled mornings during the school year.  

School year, don’t steal our moments yet.  We’re still in our summer slumber for 5 more days.

Let it lay. Let us lay. We’ll lay until the day….we can’t anymore.

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