What Do Moms Wear? Whatever The F*CK They Want

What do moms wear?

Including crop tops.

I am a size 10 and 5'6 and somewhere around 150 pounds.
You see that bulge of flesh near my tattoo? Yup, a bulge of fat.

My pre baby size was a waist size 6 and 20 pounds lighter.

I confess: I hated my postpartum body and tried to "bounce back" for several years, but I am done. I have scars, stretch marks, and veins.


I don't measure my happiness with waist size, pounds on a scale, or accolades.

My metrics is gratitude for a body that moves and feels.

There are three crucial things I learned on my body positive journey(that I'm still on): 1) HUNGER SUCKS 2) so does being a gym rat- my pursuit of the "ideal" body robbed me of important connections in my community, with my friends, and most importantly, my kids. 3) I AM. I don't need to assign an emotion to my body it simply EXISTS. It's not a sad or happy version - IT IS.

I understand that I'm the "acceptable" version of "fat" or "curvy" or "thick," don't cry for me Argentina, right? But the fact that me, trans, fat, people of color, post pregnancy, POST PREGNANCY LOSS, "too" thin, different limb abilities, and mobile abilities are considered LESS than worthy in our culture is bullshit. (And ps - less than worthy of a crop top.) All bodies represent the human experience. I am human. I love crop tops, I love bodies, I have a body that is worthy, and enough. MAKE WAY.

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