for girls and women who've had enough of being told who and how to be.

Disrupt the norm.
It's time to speak your mind.

My name is Sarah.
I'm a writer, rebel, and speaker who helps women awaken who they really are inside and find their unapologetic voices. These are women who want to dig deep and release their silenced stories. They are ready to process their past, self-express their pain, turn their healing into art, and stand in their power.

Visit Diary to get started. A room of one's own filled with complimentary journaling prompts that will guide you through shedding layers, revealing your truth without shame, using your authentic voice, and sharing it with the world. 

A bit more about me
My voice was born out of my silence. Like many daughters, I was born into a family of women with a silence lineage. They and I share the common trauma of being products of a culture which values emotional restraint, obedience, and noiselessness in women. 

This is why I eventually became a journal therapist and started hosting workshops.
I learned early on how freeing and powerful using your voice can be. With each word written or spoken you take back what was stolen from you. 

You reclaim your power. 

"I think we all have a voice that we use to talk to people at work, at our kids’ school, and at dinner parties, but I also think we have an inner voice, this unapologetic voice that’s just waiting to explode out of us and ready to be heard." 

- Sarah Hosseini, TEDx @AES, New Delhi

Sarah travels the world and has inspired audiences everywhere from the TED stage, to a classroom of middle schoolers in Delhi. She previously worked as a staff writer for Scary Mommy and Bustle's parenting vertical, Romper. She is currently enrolled at Queens University as a MFA candidate and is writing her memoir focusing on themes of motherhood, generational silence, and eventually, voice. Learn more about Sarah and book her as a speaker or workshop facilitator for your next event.

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